Friday, May 29, 2009

Top Ten Best Things About OREGON

10. Crater Lake, Mt. Hood, and waterfalls- must-see sights for any tourist.

9. The people- laid back and friendly (most of them anyway).

8. Historic, culturally-rich towns such as Ashland, Jacksonville, Silverton, Sisters, and Astoria.

7. There are ample places to surround oneself in nature- hiking, biking, camping, rafting, and skiing galore!

6. The University of Oregon- a wonderful place to go to college. Go DUCKS!

5. The rain. What Oregon is probably best known for. But there's also snow and sunshine too!

4. Being only a couple hours drive from the ocean, the mountains, the desert, civilization or country life- Oregon has it all!

3. The FRESH air. And it's SOOOO green (most of the year). I've seen the green country side of Ireland, and Oregon provides fierce competition.

2. A very safe state to grow up in and to raise a family.

1. Did I mention the beach? Beautiful all year round- although don't expect Cancun waters here!

Silver Falls

Multnomah FallsAbove photos provided by Greg Stafford Photography.

Klamath Falls Wildlife Refuge

University of Oregon

Gold Beach
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  1. No sales tax!

    The people are very independent and open, genuine and honest!

  2. Very interesting and useful for reports.

  3. Something that was not mentioned... The YUMM BOWL from Cafe Yumm! Is the best thing about Oregon!!!

  4. i love Oregon.
    doing it for my state report.